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At Texas Denture Service, our first goal is that our clients are happy and leave our Ft. Worth clinic with a genuine smile on their face that they are thrilled to show to their friends and family.  Dr. Murphy is committed to making sure his patients have dentures that fit comfortably and that he finds the right dentures for their needs.



Years of Experience



Smiling  Clients

Happy Staff


“It’s the only place to get great fitting, natural looking dentures. Dr. Murphy is a wonderful caring person, everyone loves him. Great prices, service with a smile and with a great staff.”


Thank you so much. I have a beautiful smile now.  It was just wonderful to enter an office and feel welcome. I do appreciate everything."

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I have to tell any one wearing dentures that dr murphy is the absolute "BEST " I have worn dentures for many years and he is the one dentist that understood what my needs were. I would recommend him to anyone needing new dentures.

brenda S

"I just wanted to tell you how much

I am enjoying my new teeth. 

Everything is going great. 

They fit well and no pain at all. 

I have received

so many compliments. 

My confidence level has gone up so much. 

A funny story: We just went to Branson

for my 70th birthday and I was serenaded on stage by the Platters. I could smile knowing

I had pretty teeth."


I have been seeing Dr.Murphy for over 13 years. I can not even begin to say enough good things about Dr.Murphy.I had to get Dentures in my thirties. He is a very kind and compassionate Dr. He really cares about his patients. That is why I have been his patient for so long. From the first call you make you will know you have made the right choice....Believe me once you go you will also be a returning patient for years to come.


“No cattle calls here. This is a well run office. Never overbooked, long waits or crowded waiting rooms.
When you see Dr. Murphy he listens to your concerns and works to address them. He has done quite a bit of work to replace someone else's poor work. I can not say enough great thing about

this place.”


"Anyone who has not had tooth loss cannot know how much I appreciate you, Dr. Murphy. You have made that special difference for me. I want everyone to know that my partial plate fits so fine that I forget it's there. I admire your talent.  What a terrific fit!"

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